Säätiöiden professoripooli

Results of the Professor Pool's application round 11th June 2015

Foundations’ Professor Pool

The Foundations’ Professor Pool is a joint temporary grant pool of 15 foundations, all members of The Council of Finnish Foundations, aimed at increasing professors’ research opportunities. Grants are awarded through the Pool to professors to finance, together with a university, a research period of 12 months. During this research leave, the university pays 55 % of the professor’s gross salary, in which case the 25 000 euros grant awarded by the foundations covers the loss in net salary. During the professor's research period, the university which employs her/him, pays 55 % of his/her gross salary. The grant sum during that period is 27 000 euros to all professors, regardless of their own personal salary.

The Professor Pool’s grants are available to professors who work permanently at Finnish universities and are guaranteed leave from administrative and teaching duties by the university for one year (12 months). The grants are awarded for research and projects aimed at advancing research. The Professor Pool’s grant application rounds will be arranged once a year. The Pool grants are available to professors in all disciplines.

The last application round of the Pool attracted 162 professors. Max 69 grants will be awarded. The results will be published in 11 June 2015.

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