Säätiöiden professoripooli

How to apply

Who is eligible?

All professors who hold permanent (indefinite) positions at Finnish universities and work there full-time are eligible to apply for the grants, not including professors who have recently been appointed a professorship (in 2013 or thereafter).

Professors with fixed-term contracts who have held a professorship for at least five consecutive years are eligible as well.

Also professors who work part-time with at least a 50% work duty at the university are eligible to apply, if they include in their application the required written commitment form from all their employers.

Appointed professors of medicine are eligible to apply for grants, even if their university post’s work duty is only 30 per cent, if they supply a required commitment form also from their hospital employer.

Note! Those professors who have been on at least a six-month research leave or held a fellowship at a research collegium since 1 January 2012 or thereafter are not eligible to apply for grants.

Application and attachments

The grant application is filled in and sent online to the electronic database on the Professor Pool’s home page. The application form and the commitment form also need to be printed, signed and sent by post to the Pool’s PO Box address: Säätiöiden professoripooli, PL 151, 00171 Helsinki. The application must be sent during the application period. The postmark of the final application date will suffice.

All required attachments must be uploaded in PDF format to the electronic database. Please do not print and send them by mail.

The electronic application database is usable only during the application period. To sign in to the database, please click the “Make an application” link above. When you sign in for the first time, you will receive a personal username to the e-mail address you have given.

In the research plan, the applicant should tell his/her research environment during research leave and what he/she plans to achieve during the research period. The plan should not exceed two pages.

In the teaching and administrative duties report, the applicant should mention his/her current teaching and administrative duties and disclose, how she/he plans to take temporary leave from them for the research period.

The curriculum vitae should be no longer than two pages.

The list of publications should include the applicant’s publications from the past five full calendar years, i.e. from the year 2010 onwards.

The commitment form should be filled in and printed and signed by a superior authorised by the university. Like the application form, the signed commitment form must be sent during the application period to the Professor Pool’s PO Box address: Säätiöiden professoripooli, PL 151, 00171 Helsinki.

Travel grant for mobility

The Foundations’ Professor Pool encourages professors to travel to a new research environment during the research period. A 5,000 euros travel grant has been reserved for grant recipients for this purpose, and it can be obtained from the foundation that has awarded the grant in exchange for a separate plan. It is advisable to include a preliminary mobility plan already in your grant application.

Grant recipients’ pension insurance

Professors who have received a grant through the Professor Pool are subject to statutory insurance, in accordance with the Farmers' Social Insurance legislation. The grant recipient must report their grant sum to the Farmers' Social Insurance Institution Mela, which takes some 3 500 euros as insurance payment from a 27 000 euros grant. The insurance payment is tax deductible. For further information about grant recipients’ insurance, please contact Mela.

The research period's effect on pension

The Professor Pool's research period decreases the professor's pension accrual. The reduction is only some tenths of a percent, depending on the professor's salary and age. For more detailed information on pensions and additional pension schemes, please contact Mela and the local government pensions institution Keva.

Grants and taxation

Grants awarded by the foundations are not subject to taxation up to the level of the State Grants for Artists (which in 2014 were 19797,24 euros per year). In unclear situations the applicant should contact the tax office.

Application round results

The application round results will be available in May or June 2015. Grant recipients will be contacted personally. Grant recipients’ names will also be published on the Pool’s home page.

Postponing the grant

The grant recipient may postpone his/her research period by a year at most with permission from his/her university and the foundation which awards the grant. Otherwise the grant will be returned to the Pool.

Reporting on the use of the grant

The grant recipient reports on the use of the grant to the foundation, which has awarded it, not to the Pool.

Data protection

In accordance with the Personal Data Act, the application data forms a personal data file, which is maintained, stored and archived by the Foundations’ Professor Pool. You have the right to check your own data entered into the file, either through a written, signed request or by a personal visit, and to correct any inaccurate data. Data and documents are given to the foundations belonging to the Foundations’ Professor Pool for reviewing and processing of the applications.

Säätiöiden professoripooli, PL 151, 00171 Helsinki, info(at)professoripooli.fi